Public Policy Subcommittee

Public Policy Subcommittee
Timothy Holahan DO, CMD

At the NYMDA board of directors meeting in May 2018, it was proposed and approved that a formal Public Policy Committee be assembled to assist with advocating as well as directly influencing post acute/long term care public policy at the state level.

The Committee meets quarterly to review topics that can directly affect nursing home care from a clinical as well as legislative perspective.  The committee will also serve to help provide active insight and dialogue with the NYS Department of Health as well as other organizations in NYS.

The chair of the committee is Dr. Timothy Holahan DO. For any information about this committee and its activities, please email through the contact page.

FALL 2020 Update: Dr. Holahan and Dr. Howd published an opinion piece: Reflecting on COVID-19 and Post-Acute Care:Why a Little Bit of “Good Trouble” is Necessary. Read the full paper by clicking HERE!